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The Joy of Baking…

Whew! I have spent the last month BAKING every single weekend I think! Especially, this last weekend.  Thankfully, I didn’t have a ton of orders (or maybe that’s not something to be thankful about, really), and I was able to get all our baking and candy making done for gifts! I was literally in the kitchen from 9:30 am to 10 pm yesterday. Not to mention, Friday and Saturday! I’m whipped! (Get it! Whipped? HAHAHA)

Check out some of the goodies I made:  565317_10152351317215637_1463209106_n566215_10152351316655637_888680680_n711656_10152351316995637_1338593143_n Plus, I had some pretty dang cute helpers!! They may have eaten more than they actually helped make! LOL

On another note, I DID get it all done! Now, I can sit back and enjoy the rest of Christmas time!

As far as gardening, we have lots of lettuce, turnip, spinach, garlic, greens, and winter peas coming up! Can’t wait to harvest some of those goodies! YUM! Fresh garden goodness in the midst of winter and cold!

This month has flown by, so in case you don’t hear from me before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year! May 2015 find you too blessed to be stressed!

Until next time, Happy Farming!