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So long 2014..

Here we are, at the very last day of 2014. My how I’m ready to see this year go away! It’s had it’s ups and downs. I don’t which side takes the cake, cause we’ve had our fair share of both! Most of the downs are behind us and we can only go up from here!!! Right??!!???

Seems strange to be writing about the year end review already! Feels like there should be more time in 2014.  Especially since I have NOT even begun to get everything done on my to-do list! Oh, yes! I knew I wouldn’t accomplish all of it, but I did want to accomplish more than what we did.  However, we’ve been behind since March and the fire (you can read all about that experience HERE), and might possibly be getting caught up now. LOL

We did accomplish a lot on the list:

1.  Build a new chicken coop.  This was done when we rebuilt the barn. We also added a fresh watering system so the birds would have constant supply of fresh water whenever they wanted.  We included a large outdoor coop as well. (However, some have learned how to get out of the outdoor pen! LOL)

2.  Get all our vehicles fixed and ready to go! Ok, so not ALL of our vehicles are fixed.  We DID get the Bronco up and running and it’s doing well.  We still have one…or two..or three..ahem…to go!

3.  Make raised rows in the garden.  We definitely did this last year and our plants did GREAT!

4.  Get the garden planner finished for 2014.  Done! Now to work on this years!!!

5.  Bring in topsoil.  Got a load for the garden and I think it greatly enhanced our growability this year! 

6.  Start seeds both indoors and out.  Done, but the fire took em out.  I had to resort to buying actual plants from the nursery here.

7.  Finish the porch.  Is anything ever REALLY finished??  However, this took on a whole new meaning after the fire! It’s pretty close to being done!

8.  Backsplash up in the kitchen.  Done! I love it!!

9.  Grow TONS of tomatoes and make fresh, homemade salsa, tomato sauce, etc.  Woo hoo!!! This was accomplished! Going to set this goal again for this coming season!

10.  Breed the pigs.  Well, this one was done. It was also what started the fire, and killed out momma pig.  Now, let’s see if we can get the 2 new pigs to do their job!

11.  Watering system in the garden.  After much discussion and prodding from me, we FINALLY got the watering system done. Now, we need to install it around the trees and in the pasture we currently use to plant produce! I’m crossing my fingers on the last one!

As you can see, we did get a few things done. Some were inevitable (like rebuilding the barn) and completely (ok, not completely) unplanned, but certainly not planned to be done when it was.

I’m hoping this coming year, we can finally get caught up on a few things around the farm, and accomplish the other goals that we set for 2014 like these! Of course, it wasn’t expected to all get done in 2014, but it sure would have been nice!!

Bigfoot is definitely on the list for the new year! It’s my baby! IMG_0213 She just needs a LITTLE TLC!

What’s on your to-do list for 2015??

Here’s hoping you and yours have a safe and happy NEW YEAR! Until next time, happy farming!