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Winter Wonderland??

BBBRRRRRR!!!!! It’s getting cold… FAST! It’s not even mid-November and there is a freeze warning for tomorrow night!!!  Already??? I’m so not prepared!

Every spring, I envision myself doing all the right things, planting at all the right times, watering and setting up a fantastic watering system, amending the soil, adding shade here and adding trellises there, even implementing a row cover system (such as this:)  row covers .  However, time has once again gotten away from me and I am completely unprepared!!! So, tonight I’ll be stripping any remaining plants (mostly pepper) of their fruits and attempting to prepare themfor storage so we can use them instead of waste them.  I’ll be helping to move some hay into the animal pens and making sure they have fresh food and water (where it won’t freeze).  I’ll be bringing in my other outside plants and praying and hoping they survive inside for a few months.  I’ll be attempting to get the water hoses drained and put away to prevent them from bursting if they froze.  I’ll be making the dog house as warm as possible.  I’ll be running around like a mad woman trying to make sure everything is prepped and winterized, and trying to get it all done before tomorrow when it turns cold.

I’m sure I’ll forget something!

Until next time, happy farming!


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Year End Review – Kind of!

Whew! October just flew by!!! With all the garden winterizing, Halloween carnival planning and setting up, kids’ functions, bill paying, and Halloween readiness (and actual Halloween itself), it’s GONE!

I didn’t realize it’s been over a month since I last posted until I went to post again today! I’ve GOT to get better at posting!!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time to review what we got done on our list and make a new list for next year. I had a whole slew of items I wanted to accomplish for this year which you can read here.

While we DID accomplish a lot of those things, most of them didn’t even get touched.  We did manage to grow a TON of tomatoes and can them for using this winter, we brought in 2 tons of topsoil, got the porch finished (although it turned out to be an entirely different porch than we planned due to the fire!), we got a new chicken coop built (also thanks to the fire!), and we got some minor things done.

And we are going to get some more fruit trees planted this year and the irrigation system put in for them as well!

However, it’s time to get in gear for next year.  So much planning, so little time to do it!  Read all about our goals for next year…in the next post! 😉

What all do you have on your “to-do” list for this year or next? Share your wants with me so I can add to my own list all the great ideas you have, too!

Until next time, happy farming!