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Beef prices

So many of you asked for prices on half, whole, and cut beef, that I think this would be the best way to go to get prices to everyone!

First of all, let me give you a bit of background on the beef.  The calves are born from my dad’s cattle right here in Erath County.  After he weans them, we buy several from him and then take them to our place to raise and feed out.  We take them to the butcher at around 800-900 pounds (give or take).  You can expect the hanging weight to be about half of the live weight.  For example, if we took a 1000 pound calf in, his hanging weight would be about 550 pounds.

You will fill out a cut sheet for the butcher, and will be responsible for paying the butcher directly when you pick up your meat.  Butcher fee is approximately $400 for a whole (this cost may vary depending on what cuts you want and if you quarter it).

We do not sell quarters at this time, so if you only want a quarter meat, you will need to find someone to go in with you for a half. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due by October 1, (however, we will start taking deposits now) with an additional $500 due by December 1.  Any remaining money will be due 2 weeks before the butcher date.  NOTE:  if this beef has not been paid prior to the butcher date, you agree to forfeit your portion and no funds will be returned.  This is to protect you, the butcher, and ourselves!

Quantities are limited, so first come, first served.  Will not hold until we receive the deposit.  I will take a personal check for the deposit and the 2nd installment due in December (provided the first check clears), but I will require cashier’s check or money order for the last payment.

You are more than welcome to come out and check the progress of the calves at any time, provided you contact us to make sure we are home!

Whole cow:                                                                             Approx $2,600 (depending on actual weight at time of butcher) + butcher fee (see above).  This should be about 400 pounds of meat, which would equal to $6.50/lb.

Half cow:                                                                                 Approx $1,300 (same explanation as whole cow except would be approx 200 pounds of meat, which would still equal $6.50/lb across the board for all cuts you get).


Steaks:  all steaks are 3/4 in thick.                             Price per pound:

T-bones (2 in a package):                                                  $14

Ribeye (2 in a package):                                                    $13

Sirloin:                                                                                     $12

Flank and skirt steak:                                                         $12   (Only 2 of each cut available )

Round steak                                                                           $8


Roasts:                                                                                  Price per pound:

Arm roast                                                                              $8

Rump roast                                                                           $8

Chuck roast                                                                          $8

Sirloin Tip roast                                                                 $8

Heal of Round (Pike’s Peak)                                           $9


Miscellaneous:                                                            Price per pound:

Ground Beef                                                                       $6

Hamburger patties                                                          $8.50  (4 patties in a package at 1/4 lb each patty)

Brisket (halves)                                                                 $9

Short ribs                                                                            $8

Tongue:                                                                                $8

Heart:                                                                                   $8

Liver:                                                                                    $8



Whole chicken:                                                                 $15.00