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We’ve gone and done it!


It’s been a couple weeks now with no actual TV.  It’s glorious! And it’s difficult.  No, difficult is not the word.  It’s WEIRD.  It’s hard to get used to.  We normally go to bed and turn the boob tube on and watch it until we grow weary, and then even longer.  It was difficult for me to turn it off if I was watching a show, even if I had already seen it or had it recorded.  Now, I don’t have to worry about that.  The kids are fine watching a movie every once in a while, and now they can’t just go push a button and turn something on.  It takes a bit more effort than that! And Dillan doesn’t know how to work everything yet! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! As far as I’m concerned anyway! Should’ve done this last summer, or the summer before, or the summer before, or… Well, you get the picture! 


OH NO! WHAT WILL DO ALL SUMMER LONG??? I’m sure that’s one of the many things running through my children’s minds right now! Along with being mad at me, like my 6 year old son was this morning after awakening to find *GASP!* we have it no more!

I gave them ample warning! I told them I had been contemplating this for several months (several months ago).  I told them several days  BEFORE it actually happened.  The hubby and I have been discussing it for awhile now! And it finally happened.  We turned the T.V. OFF!!!! I know.  I know.  But I strive to go against the grain.  It’s one of my pure joys in life! To stir things up a bit (not all things! Just the non-smelly things!) The things where I think my family and I will benefit most from!

And this is definitely one of those things!  Not to mention the savings per month from not having to pay for multiple channels we don’t watch and don’t want.  Oh, don’t think they didn’t try to convince me to stay. Dish gave me a VERY tempting offer! And it almost worked! For a split second, I almost said yes! Then the brain fog that had pumped through the phone, lifted and I could think rationally again! One of the main reasons we cut it off is because I’m tired of paying for services and not having money to spend on enjoyment.  Sure, the T.V. brought us joy, but it also brought long nights of staying up to watch a show, reduced family time, and arguments in the morning from my kids who want to watch it all morning until we have 30 seconds left to get dressed, eat their breakfast, brush their hair and teeth, gather whatever they are taking, put shoes on, feed and water the dog, and WHEW! run out the door! I’m hoping this will eliminate much of that stress from the  morning ritual!

And it’s not like they will NEVER get to watch T.V.  My mom is keeping them this summer, and she has T.V. so they will get to watch it occasionally (ok, probably more than I’d like to think.) The point being, is that I’m not taking away from their little bitty, full-to-the-max life! I’m adding to it!

I’m adding more play time.  I’m adding more time to get to go out and enjoy the beautiful world and all that’s in it.  I’m adding more exploring, dig-in-the-dirt, toes-in-the-water, bug-finding, bike riding, friend-grabbing, egg hunting, getting-into-trouble, fun-loving summer kind of days that I want my kids to cherish and be able to remember when they get old.

Let’s be honest.  They won’t have any great, fond memories of sitting on the couch watching Dog with a Blog (and neither will mom and dad!).  But they WILL remember all the summer fun they had when they were little and mom and dad decided to do the cruelest thing they could imagine.  Of course, when they look back at these memories they are making, I do hope they realize we did it FOR them and not TO them.

So, here’s to lots more, garden tending, bug fighting, tomato pluckin, veggie pickin’ , dirt plowing, chicken egg hunting, fence building, hog raisin’, dog playing days this summer, and every day after! I hope you’ll get up and out and spend more time with your fam and turn that T.V. off every once in while!!!

Until next time, Happy Farming!


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To rise… or to fall?

I am determined to master the art of sourdough bread! However, it’s giving me quite a bit of resistance! I have tried every sourdough starter recipe known to man!! And it just..falls flat (pun intended).

It seems to start out well.  Then slowly but surely,  it disappoints me. It’s not sour enough, it molds, fruit flies and other buzzing insects get inside my container, it doesn’t bubble away like the instructions say it should, it DOES bubble away but won’t rise when you make the actual dough, the dough rises slightly but makes a very heavy bread, etc, etc, etc.  I know not what I do.

I follow the recipes.  I feed it every day as instructed.  I dote on it.  I talk to it.  I cajole it.  I BEAT THE EVER LIVING CRAP.. Oh, wait.  Sorry.  That wasn’t meant for your ears (or eyes I should say).  What?

Anyway, back to my uh.. story.  I can’t get the filppin’ dough and/or starter to do what it’s supposed to do.  I remember my mom making sourdough when I was a child.  And I LOVED it! I don’t remember her having a super hard time getting this stuff to ferment! I DO remember EATING it though! It was like heaven on my palate! Such goodness!

And now??? NO way! I can’t make it do what I want. So frustrating.  But I WILL master the art of sourdough! At least ONE TIME!

Here’s my most recent experience:  The dough took almost 12 hours to rise (and really I could have left it to rise a bit longer).  I hear this is normal and may take up to 24 hours to fully rise.  My hubby then shaped it and let it rise again (though probably not long enough again).  After he baked it, the bread look delicious! And it takes good, but it’s heavy.  It’s not light and airy.

sourdough bread

Guess I’ll be trying again this weekend.  Along with making more of my regular white bread!

Let me know any tips or tricks you have for sourdough! I’d LOVE to hear them!! I might even bake you a loaf of sourdough if your trick or tip works! 🙂

Until next time, happy farming!