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Set backs. . .

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks.  Not good things either.  I’m tired. I’m worn out. I’m exhausted. And I’m ready to throw in the towel. . . in several areas of my life.  The main one being work.  I no longer enjoy getting up, getting ready, and coming in to the office.  I’d much rather stay at home and *gasp!* “homestead” all day long.  But, alas.  That cannot happen.  Not anytime soon anyway.

We had some ambitious goals in mind this year, as those of you who read my blog, know.  For those of you who may be new, there was a hefty “to-do” list of new things we wanted to accomplish this year.  Some of those may have to get put off until next year thanks to our little set backs.  Ok, some of you also know what I’m talking about, and know it’s a tad more than a LITTLE set back.

For those of you who haven’t heard all the gory details, let me fill you in.  Wednesday, March 5, I get a phone call from a very dear friend, who tells me the barn is on fire.  I had to ask her to repeat that. Once it really filled my mind with what she said, I immediately pick up the phone, call the hubby, fill him in, and race out the door at work, only to get home to find it’s a total loss.  We lost the entire barn, storage shed, and parts of the carport (including everything inside).  Our wonderful friends pulled out as much as they could from the carport and moved the stock trailers! Thanks so much, Brent and Elizabeth!!!  However, they were unable to get to the barn and, unfortunately, our pigs inside the barn.  We lost our wonderful (and my favorite) sow, Maxine, and 2 of her babies.  😦  The rest of the stuff wasn’t much loss.  I mean, yes, it stinks, but we can replace most of that. We also lost several of our chickens.

Since then, my washer started leaking (but has since stopped – weird, right?), the dryer heating element went out, the house almost burned down, too, our deep freeze went out, the rent house had electrical problems, the chickens don’t want to lay eggs anymore apparently, all my plants that I started from seeds died from smoke.  I KNOW I’m missing a few things. It’s been a hell of a week!

So, now, the couple of projects I had to ALMOST finish, have been pushed to the side, and others have become prominent, requiring all the attention we can muster just to repair whatever damage the “storms” left behind.  We have been busting our behinds to get back on track.  I think we may almost be there.

Our plans to build a new coop/barn have been moved up and once we get all the debris cleaned up from the fire, we will start to lay the foundation for a new building.  We took the front room off the house, and turned it back into a porch (and it looks WAY better).  My washer fixed itself, we ordered the part for the dryer and it will be here soon, I’ve been painting like a mad woman (and got most of it accomplished!), and have plans to start some new seeds this week.  Hope it’s in time to plant.  Needless to say, my garden has taken a back seat.

I feel with the laying of the new foundation for the barn, we may just be laying a new foundation in our lives as well.  I think (and hope) that God has something up his sleeve for us. . . something GREAT! And I hope that we are open enough to receive whatever blessings he has in store for us.  I’m thinking it just might come in the form of a really sweet little 2 year old boy! We go to final hearing on March 27 on that deal!!

Whatever is coming our way, that Devil better just watch out! He’s gotten in my way enough in the past couple of weeks and if he interferes once more, I’ll bring Heaven and Earth to kick his ass! After all, I’ve got God on my side! Who needs anything more, right??