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Projects for 2014… and BEYOND!!!

Ok. So I told you yesterday that we were pretty ambitious when it comes to projects around our farm: projects that both directly benefit the farm and some that just benefit the owners of the farm! Hehe!

So, here they are, in no particular order, projects I want to accomplish:

1.  Make butter.  No, I don’t plan on making it all the time as we don’t have a cow.  However, I’d like to be able to MASTER the art of making it.

2.  Get my small baking business some coverage and have that take off.

3.  Build a new chicken coop.

4.  Put new roof on the green house so that I am able to utilize the darn thing!

5.  Get all our vehicles fixed and ready to go! (We have about 3 project cars going right now)

6.  Start hatching the majority of our own chicks: mainly Jersey Giants.

7.  Make raised rows in the garden.

8.  Get the garden planner finished for 2014.

9.  Bring in topsoil.

10.  Start seeds both indoors and out.

11.  Finish the porch.

12. Finish putting the trim on the house and paint it.

13.  Backsplash up in the kitchen.

14.  Add another bath to the house.

15.  Outside shower.

16.  Paint and refinish my outdoor sink and make an outdoor canning/food prep area.

17.  Grow TONS of tomatoes and make fresh, homemade salsa, tomato sauce, etc.

18.  Breed the pigs.

19.  Make organic chicken feed (and pig).

20.  Watering system in the garden.

21.  Finish all the little projects I have started, including adding the rest of the rocks to my flower bed!!!

I know! It’s a pretty dang long list! And yes, MOST of them, I’d like to accomplish this year! Like what, you ask?  I know, you like to read the details! 🙂

As you can tell from the list, several things have to get done ASAP, such as purchasing the topsoil, making the raised rows in the garden, getting the garden plan finished, planting and starting seeds (that will get done mostly this week and next).  Of course, one of the main things do this year is start making and using our own organic chicken feed.  I still have to do some research to find out where I can buy all the ingredients around here.  I’m not too crazy about buying all of that on Amazon!

We have been thinking about a watering system for several years for the garden, so this will be the year that actually gets done! I’m so dang excited! NO MORE sprinklers to worry about!

Our new chicken coop is in the works as well.  We hope to have plans and concrete poured sometime this spring! Hopefully, it will be complete by the end of summer! And I’m really hoping it doesn’t take THAT long!!

Of course, I’d LOVE to have all these done this year (and I’m sure there are many other things around the house/farm that I will discover I need to do this year, too!) but I am trying to be realistic and not get my hopes too high, as I know it’s Murphy’s Law that when you plan something, it never works out with plan A!  Luckily, I have a plan B, C, and D, too!

Any good ideas, inputs on your dream coop??? Share them with me!

Until next time, happy farming!


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About us and our progress towards farm living!

DSC03038This is my family a couple years ago.  On Lillie’s first day of Kindergarten, actually.  I know, it’s been awhile, but it appears I don’t have many updated photos or our little family with all of us in there! But, fair reader, you get the gist!  🙂

Just a little about us:  My hubby and I were married in June, 2005, and Lillie came along in March, 2006.  Dillan came along in January, 2008.  We bought our house in Morgan Mill in March, 2008, so that was an eventful year! And we didn’t just buy it and move in! Oh no! We had some major remodeling to do! Luckily, my hubby, Pat, is super handy and we were able to do a complete reno (ok, so it wasn’t a COMPLETE reno as it is still ongoing! LOL And I’ve heard it will always be ongoing because as soon as you finish one project, you change your mind on something else, and it starts all over!) But, I digress! 

We moved in in June, 2008, by working on the new house in every spare second.  In 2013, we also took in my nephew, who’s 1 year old.  It’s been a wirlwind of a year!  We have been ambitious in the things we want to get done and how long it should take us.  Some projects have been completed well before our timeline and others…well… others are still ongoing.

Moving to the county was no big feat for us.  I have lived the country life, my entire life, so I was very comfortable heading out yonder into the wild blue! However, FARM living was a new one to me! Oh, yes, I’d been around cows, dogs, cats, horses, my whole life, my grandparents had chickens, we always had a garden, etc.  I knew how things worked and I knew where food came from.  I hoed, planted, watered, harvested, and pulled weeds in the garden.  I worked cows with my daddy (as much “work” as a 5-7 or so year old girl could do).  I drove trucks around the ranch.  I collected eggs at my grandparents.  I did NOT, however, repair buildings that the pigs tore up.  I did not have to rebuild the chicken coop because some varmint got in and ate our babies.  I did not have to worry about how much things cost and where the money was going to come from.  Things are a bit different now. I DO have to do those things and worry about the moola.

My hubby, on the other hand, came from a large family that grew up in Minnesota.  They had hundreds of acres of farmland at times and he drove tractors, butchered the animals, milked the cows, and on and on! He knew more about it than I ever thought to know.  His mom even ground her own wheat to make her own bread! (I secretly think she must have STAYED in the kitchen as much as she did!!)  And she has been an inspiration to the way we are choosing to live!!

I didn’t think much about what I bought and the medicines and things that were put into our bodies…until I had CHILDREN! Then I started to question everything.  I started making small changes first, like growing our own chickens and butchering them for meat. Like choosing NOT to vaccinate my children after my nephew started having seizures at 6 months of age for no apparent reason (other than he had just had his vaccines),  HHHMMM.. coincidence??? I don’t know.  Of course, no one will confirm this.

That got me to thinking. THEN I heard about GMO’s and what they were trying to put in our food and how bad all that stuff is, especially for kids! So, now, we are trying to live as naturally as possible and make whatever we can.  No, we are not totally organic, but we are getting closer!

We have chickens both for eggs and meat, pigs that we raise for meat, a garden that take so much time it’s unreal, I make most of our bread, and we have cut out the majority of any processed foods, and of course the many, many projects I/we want to get accomplished this year and beyond.

I hope to post some of our goals for you in the next few days.

For those of you who have been following me on, I have switched over to wordpress in an attempt to make this a better blog.  For those of you just joining me, please feel free to catch up on some of our great farm adventures by clicking the link above to review the old posts!

Hope you enjoy following all on our misadventures! Until next time, happy farming!